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We Proudly Support Our Troops!

Bicycle Rentals

California Bicycle is quickly becoming known as the “go to” source for quality rental bicycles.  Our fleet of bicycles are some of the cleanest, highest quality you will find anywhere in San Diego.  Bicycles are the easiest way to explore the San Diego coastline communities of La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Del Mar, Point Loma and many others while avoiding the parking troubles.

Our Bikes:

Comfort Bicycles: Our comfort bicycles are hand chosen to fulfill the needs of our locals and San Diego visitors with comfort, ease of use, and most importantly, style.   We offer lightweight “lifestyle” bicycles from San Diego’s own ELECTRA Bicycle Company

Road Bicycles: Our road bike selection consist of high quality carbon / aluminum frame sets with top shelf components.  All bicycles are tuned/cleaned after every rental to insure the finest experience possible.

E-Bikes Bicycles: Our electric bike selection consist of high end BOSCH Powered pedal assist variations.  All bicycles are tuned/cleaned/charged after every rental to insure the finest experience possible.

Bicycle Rates

  • Comfort Bicycles Per Hour:                   $10.00 (2 hour min)
  • Comfort Bicycle Per 24hrs:                    $50.00
  • Comfort Bicycle Per Week:                    $160.00
  • Road Bicycle  24hrs:                                $85.00
  • Road Bicycle Per Week:                          $340.00
  • E-Bike Bicycle  24hrs:                             $85.00
  • E-Bike Bicycle Per Week:                       $340.00

Accessory Rates

  • Helmet:                $4.00 (24hrs)
  • Lock:                     $2.00 (24hrs)
  • Clipless Pedals    $5.00 (24hrs)


Local Group Rides


Saturday Road Ride: This is a road ride for all skill levels.   This is the perfect ride for locals and visitors alike.  This ride will take you down our local coastline through Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma and La Jolla.   You will get to enjoy the spectacular views of our amazing Fort Rosecrans and Cabrillo National Monuments, San Diego River Bed, Fiesta Island, and beautiful Sunset Cliffs.  Its an early ride that leaves the rest of the day for the family!  This is a no rider left behind fun ride along the beautiful coast of San Diego.

Helmets mandatory.

Call store for specific details.


Time: Saturday Mornings / meet @ 8:45am / roll @ 9:00am


Meeting Location: 7462 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037


Bicycle Group Ride Tips for Safety


Helmets are mandatory…No exceptions!

Be open and respectful to feedback from other group members and take the advice. The advice comes from a good place… we want you and everyone else to be safe.

Aerobars are allowed on group rides BUT:

We allow aerobars but please do not use the aero position while riding within the group. Aerobar systems make the bicycle less stable and unsafe in “group ride” conditions.

Ride 2 X2
As much as possible ride 2 X 2 and please stop for mechanical problems and solicit help from others in the group. Do not ride more than 2 X 2 or out of the designated bicycle lanes.

WE (generally) LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND ON OUR RIDES, so please notify ride leaders if you plan on departing the ride earlier than the designated finish.

Point obstructions out in the road
Keep an eye out for the other riders, traffic, snakes, sticks and other objects that could cause issues. Signal to others. Provide hand signals and/or yell to signal gravel, debris, other riders, cars, pedestrians, turns, and pace line rotations. Warn others of your intentions. If you need to stop or pull over indicate or shout your intentions and do it slowly with adequate warning. Move to the left or right and yell “slowing” or “stopping” before you brake, and brake slowly not abruptly.

Ride to suit the conditions
Be mindful that what is considered safe and acceptable when riding solo might not be safe or acceptable when riding in a group. Also please be mindful of the riding conditions (weather, traffic, and other cyclists) so as to keep the group safe.  Example: If rolling through heavy auto traffic it’s probably best to not sprint for traffic light.

Ride in a predictable fashion
Close riding demands that everyone be on the same wavelength. NO QUICK CHANGES OF DIRECTION, KEEP TO YOUR LINE. Maintain a consistent direction of motion and avoid weaving. We are on a group ride not a race. Please ride with the safety of yourself and others in mind.

Ride a Straight Line
Keep your actual focus 25 or 30 feet in front of the bike. Remember, the bike will go where your eyes go. Keep your head up. Don’t become fixated on the rider in front of you. Regularly glance 3 to 5 riders ahead. Look back carefully. And stay focused.

Protect your front wheel
If your rear wheel is struck a fall is unlikely because it has nothing to do with steering the bike. However, if your front wheel is contacted it will often be twisted off line faster than you can react. You’ll almost certainly go down. Help prevent this by never overlapping someone’s rear wheel.

Use the brakes sparingly
Feather the levers lightly instead of clutching at them. Easy on your brakes. Most crashes are caused by someone braking sharply and the rider behind touching wheels with them. If you are getting too close to the rider immediately in front of you, try soft pedaling instead of braking to adjust the gap. If you need to brake, do it gently and gently tap on the rear brake.

Always pass on the left. Don’t pass on the right unless you know there is room and the rider in front absolutely knows you are coming.

Be considerate of the riders behind you. If you must spit or blow your nose move out of the pace line enough so no one is directly behind you.

Be Wary on Climbs
A major cause of group crashes is riders who stand abruptly. They slow for a second, causing the rider behind to hit their rear wheel and spill. To avoid this danger, let the gap open a bit on hills or ride a foot to either side and be well aware of the riders in front of you.


Southern California Bicycling Clubs

San Diego Bicycle Clubs: Many of these clubs offer daily rides / meets for riders of all skill levels.

Bicycling the Roads and Trails of San Diego

A group devoted to bike rides in San Diego County.

Home Page:

Big City Velo

A local group riding under the auspices of the Big City Cycling Foundation.

Home Page:

Bike Buddies Cycling Club

The result of two groups of riders and friends merging together with a goal to advance participation in cycling and cycling related activities.

Home Page:

Blind Stokers Club

Founded to introduce and share recreational cycling to those who cannot see well enough to pilot a bike.

Home Page:


Crown City Cyclists

A bicycle club in Coronado.

Home Page:

Descenders Cycling Club

A cycling club based in Poway with a passion for competitive cycling on beautiful challenging roads.

Home Page:

East County Christian Cycling Club

A bicycle club based in the foothills of East County, covering Alpine, Descanso, Mt. Laguna, Cuyamaca and surrounding areas.

Home Page:

Easy Rider Recumbent Club

Cycling in San Diego since before 1997, now has over 200 riders.


Knickerbikers of San Diego County

A bicycle touring club without formal organization, but with a website.

Home page:


A cylist who likes to share the beautiful roads with friends and introduce newcomers to some of San Diego’s beautiful backcountry.

Home page:

Major Taylor Cycling Club San Diego (MTCCSD)

A bicycle club established by a group of bike enthusiasts interested in increasing the participation of organized cycling amongst an ethnically diverse group in our area and building camaraderie among all cyclists.

Home page:

Mira Mesa Cycling Club

A group of road cycling enthusiasts based in San Diego, California. For riders of all ages and abilities.

Home page:

Moonlight Velo

North County San Diego’s newest cycling club (as of 1/20/2010).

Home page:

North Coast Velo

A recreational organization for cycling enthusiasts in the North Coastal areas of San Diego County.

Home page:

North County Cycle Club

A bicycle club with three sections to suit just about everyone, from recreational cyclists to mountain bikers to performance enthusiasts.

Home page:

North County Cruisers

A North County bicycle group that rides for exercise and socialization.

Home page:

Outspokin’ For Jesus

A Christian cycling club, a ministry of New Hope Community Church.

Home page:

Ramona Fun Riders

Friday back country road cycling club – 40 to 60 miles.

Home page:

Ranchos Cycling Club


The premier inland North County racing and recreational bicycling club. Road, track, mountain bike and triathlon races and rides.

Home page:

Red Carpet Riders

Red Carpet Riders is a group that combines cycling and fashion.

Home page:

Ride to Remember

A charitable organization that achieves its primary purpose by recruiting and training amateur and aspiring cyclists to train for and participate in a number of 100 mile, or Century rides and races.

Home page:

Ride With Javi

Beginner, intermediate and advanced rides on Saturday from Pulse Endurance Sport, 1020 Tierra Del Rey A-2, Chula Vista.

Home page:


A Christian mountain biking club.

Home page:

San Diego Bicycle Touring Society

A progressive cycling club for people who devote themselves to bicycling as a way of life; helps others discover their potential by being physically fit and enjoying long distance and exciting rides to various locations.

Home page:

San Diego Bicycle Club

The oldest bicycle club in San Diego, for men and women of all ages. Organized races.

Home page:

San Diego Cyclo-Vets

Amateur bicycle racing at the masters-age, under the permit of the United States Cycling Federation.

Home page:

San Diego Radonneurs

A cycling group dedicated to randonneuring, or long-distance unsupported endurance cycling, formerly called the San Diego Century Riders.

Home page:

San Diego Recyclers

Experienced cyclists that ride every Sunday morning.

Home page:

San Diego Tandem Club

Rides and other events for tandem bicyclists.

Home page:

San Diego Wheelmen Bicycle Club

Recreational rides most weekends, both on-road and off-road. Membership is not required to ride; Ansi/Snell approved helmet is required.

Home page:

Sierra Club Bicycle Section

The bicycle section of the Sierra Club.

Home page:

SoCal Coasters

San Diego’s new social bike club for enthusiast riders who want to meet new people and learn new routes around the city and North County.

Home page:

South Bay WoW (Women on Wheels)

A cycling group for women in the South Bay area of San Diego. Many of the members are educators.


Team Ortho Cycling Club

A group of bike enthusiasts of varying ages and abilities who participate in organized cycling, mountain bike and Triathlon events.

Home page:

Team Rogue Bicycle Club

A group of cycling enthusiasts that enjoy the camaraderie, challenge, scenery, and FUN of cycling while promoting safe and courteous cycling in San Diego.

Home page:

Tierrasanta Cycling Club

Men and women that enjoy riding in a group. Most of them live in Tierrasanta but that is not required.

Home page:

Triathlon Club of San Diego

One of the oldest and largest triathlon clubs in the country. The members’ experience level ranges from first timer to professional.

Home page:

Valle Verde Velo

A recreational road cycling club. The goal is to have fun and enjoy the scenic San Diego north county.

Home page:

Velo Bella

A women’s non-profit, grassroots, multidiscipline cycling team based out of Watsonville, but with a strong presence in San Diego County.

Home page:

California Bicycle Inc has no affiliation with any of the listed rides/clubs.  This information is provided as a convenience to our clients.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE SERVICES WE OFFER CONTACT US AT: 858.454.0316 or 888.821.BIKE or Click Here to schedule an appointment.


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